The production range of hot rolled steels includes the following sections:
FLATS width from 12 mm to 65 mm – thickness from 4 mm to 32 mm;
SQUARES width / thickness from 9 mm to 32 mm;
SPECIAL SECTIONS upon the Customer request can be supplied (e.g. trapezoids, Chamfered or rounded edged).

All items produced can be supplied both in bars and in coils, the latter varying in weight from 440 kg to 700 Kg,with an inner diameter equal to 800 mm and an outer equal to 1400 mm.

With a view to an increasingly accurate quality control, Metallurgica Marcora has equipped its rolling mill with an in-line LASER gauge to continuously measure the size of the product while in process.
Due to the aforementioned equipment, Metallurgica Marcora is able to monitor the entire production in accordance with dimensional and tolerances requirements of the Customers.